Bulk SMS

360 Marketing is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer. The BulkSMS gateway reaches across borders and connects too many operators.

Our ProposedFeatures:

  1. For SMS Push
    1. The SMS are generated by making a dynamic query on the database through an ODBC interface.
    2. The information is converted into SMS and stored in SQL Server or MS Access Database or Oracle DB for future usage. A rule engine application runs on specific time to complete the task.
    3. The SQL/Access/Excel/Oracle database is periodically checked (e.g. every 1 or 2 minutes or less) for outbox messages. New messages are sent automatically.
    4. The platform can also be configured to send event based messages.
    5. Service provider to use standard HTTP port for sending SMS. For high security service provider must also supports SSL layer for transferring information.
  2. For SMS Pull PushIncoming SMS can be sent by mobile phones on a virtual  numbers provided by service provider
    1. Virtual numbers could be SHORT CODE (5 Digit number) or LONG CODE (10 Digit Virtual GSM Number).
    2. AICTE can retrieve messages on virtual numbers as follows.
    3. The 10 or 5 Digit Virtual Mobile Number of AICTE is mapped to the service provider’s Server and all the incoming messages are downloaded on the server after sender’s identity is authenticated through various parameters like Mobile Number of the sender, Employee Code etc. Once the message is downloaded on the server, it sends the message to SMS application installed at AICTE Server. The whole message is, then downloaded on the application and the application fetches the required information from the server and sends it back to the Mobile Phone of the sender.
  3. Other desired features
    1. Send SMS to any SMS capable mobile phone on supporting networks
    2. Customize address book by adding important contacts and saving recently used numbers
    3. Utilize existing Contact stores of Outlook, Outlook Express, or any other ODBC data source
    4. Send one SMS to multiple mobile numbers or address-book contacts
    5. Get delivery or failure reports for each message
    6. Create, Edit, Reply, Forward, Export, Delete or Send SMS messages
    7. Use familiar MS outlook like user interface. Should have Outbox and Sent Items folders
    8. All the possible exceptions have to be handled
    9. Send SMS messages to user-defined groups of individuals